The best activities in Cabo

The fun in Cabo

There are too many activities in Cabo, we pick the top 5 activities, the criteria for the top is the most popular, we have camels, horseback riding, atv tourts, ziplines, and a long etc.

Top 5: Ziplines, there is nothing like feeling the adrenaline rushing down a slope in a rope, this attraction is in the canyons of Costa Azul, is one of the most popular, at the end of the tour awaits a tasting of tequila.

Top 4: ATV Tours / Razors: Another adrenaline activity, driving on the dunes of Migriño in authentic vehicles 4 x 4, you will see the intense blue of the sea on one side and the green of the mountains on the other, is an activity that does not you must lose.

Top 3: Sunset Cruise Tour: Seeing the arch of Cabo San Lucas at atarceder can be either romantic or the beginning of the party, this tour includes dinner and drinks, it is a great experience that should not be overlooked.

Top 2: City Tour might sound boring, but it is the best way to get to know the city, and by this I mean the history, the mission of San Jose, the estuary, the main constructions.

Top 1: Whale watching, coming to Cabo in whale season and not seeing them is almost like not having come, it is a must see, it is one of the most visited tours.

Honorable Mentions Golf, Diving and Sport Fishing, which are very good but is an activity that is not for all ages and require some preparation, that's why we leave it out of this top.