San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas

The fun in Cabo

The truth most be told, the cities are just 32 km away one each other but in the way of life are very different, in San Jose at 11:00 pm the city is sleeping, and in San Lucas the party begin.

First let's talk about San Jose del Cabo, the capital of the municipality, where the airport is, the mission of San Jose, a place full of history of Jesuits founders of the city and heroic city that resisted the US invasion, also the battle of the Cristeros, of Spanish Hacienda architecture, is a place in constant growth, that little by little loses its essence of town.

On the other hand Cabo San Lucas is a new place, which has not more than 50 years of existence, was a small fishing village that in the 70's had a tourist boom that made it the place where the party never ends, Vibrant place, with a marina that often receives cruises, is a mix of cultures with people from all over the country, where locals are a minority where they are in a proportion of 20 to 1. Large resort locations.