Big Game fishing in Cabo San Lucas

The fun in Cabo

For the big game fisher, Cabo San Lucas is known for its world class fishing. The Gulf Stream brings shoals of dazzling tropical fish, from huge tuna to colourful Dorado and Wahoo. Throughout the summer the waters run rich with Marlin and Barracuda and, of course, where there are fish there are playful dolphins to watch. Beautiful white sandy beaches provide the perfect backdrop to anchor at the end of the day, share stories.

If you’re new to fishing or looking for a more relaxed, slower paced day, try your hand at reef fishing. Wherever you are cruising in Los Cabos you will never be far far from a stunning coral reef. Dropping your bait to the bottom of the reef is key in reef fishing and any time of year you are guaranteed not to leave the reef without a grouper, or perhaps a Barracuda.