Airport Cabo Transportations

Airport Cabo Ground Transportation

Cabo is one of the most visited destinations in Mexico, mainly because of its proximity to the USA, its world-class golf courses, international fishing tournaments, five-star hotels and excellent restaurants.

Cabo is a new tourist destination, in constant expansion, so if your plan is to travel to Cabo we recommend to use our services of transportation, we are specialists in transportation with 10 years of experience.

Cabo is composed of two cities: San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, the first is capital of the municipality, place where the airport is, besides the colonial part and Cabo San Lucas the place where the land ends, place where the party never ends, both cities are separated by a tourist corridor of 32 km, which is full of five star hotels and pristine beaches.

To get to your destination, one of the options is the car rental at the airport, which may be ideal for the adventurous people, who like to know the true Mexico, but do not forget that not all roads are paved.

Also there is the option of collective transportation available from the airport to any point of Cabo, ideal for students to travelers of low budget.