Waterfalls in the desert

The fun in Cabo

Did you imagine a waterfall in the middle of the arid area, that view is possible on the Sol de Mayo town, a very old town near to Santiago.

When you think that you already know all Cabo, someone tells you that if you went to the waterfalls, and you think he must be crazy. As it turns out that to 24 km to the north of the Airport of San Jose del Cabo exists a small town called Santiago, with very colonial architecture, is a classic Mexican town; cobbled streets, church and square in the center of the village, with fields outside the village, a small zoo of main attraction, but in a half hour walk through the village, crossing the village you will find a path of terraceria that takes you to Sol de Mayo, take care to do your shopping before, because there you will not find stores.

Sol de Mayo is a small bungalow bungalows located on the slopes of the mountain, which has water pools and famous waterfalls, is an extravagant tour that very few travelers do, even some locals are unaware of.