Walk to the Arch

The fun in Cabo

A rock formation, a natural arch, in the city of Cabo San Lucas, that this extreme south of the Peninsula of Southern Baja California. The archway is the gateway to the Pacific Ocean and has a majestic appearance. Many argue that it looks like a triceratops drinking water. it is also said that he is a Dragon who traveled to America and when he stopped to drink water he became Stone. The arch separates the California Gulf from the Pacific Ocean.

Appreciating the Sea Wolves resting on the stones around the Arch. The walks in boats with glass bottom can be appreciated a lot of fish that inhabit this area. You can take a day trip and go to Playa del Amor, a magnificent secluded beach and only with access to it by the sea. Snorkeling, snorkeling, or just lounging on the beach. Stroll along the shore and enjoy the sunset from the Arch.

The different ways to reach the Arc is by means of a water taxi in the marina of Cabo San Lucas. Or you can rent a kayak to paddle from Cabo San Lucas to the Arch. The activities in El Arco are few, which maintains the tranquility and the natural environment of the place. There are vendors on the beach selling snacks and souvenirs, and they also rent parasols. It is important to note that currents on the Pacific Ocean side are generally too strong for swimming.