Transportation in Cabo

The fun in Cabo

There are many forms of transportation in Cabo, the most usual is the taxi, it is necessary to clarify that Uber still does not offer its services in the area, so when referring to taxi is specifically the traditional service. There is also the car rental, the preferred option for adventurous travelers, is to have a license to drive and credit card. And the last option is the shuttle which is the most economical of the mentioned.

All types of transportation have their advantages: shuttle is very economical, the rental car gives you more freedom, and the taxi is the most comfortable.

Speaking of transportation, there is also a lot of quality difference between each service, for example the taxi service at the airport is usually of better quality than can be obtained from a regular taxi from the city, this is the units are newer, better Cares, bilingual drivers, inclusion of stop in supermarket and a long etc.

At All the time Cabo we always try to exceed your expectations, bridandote the service that your family deserves, with that idea in mind, we create a commitment to always be on time, no matter if your flight is delayed, a reliever of Amazing will be there waiting for you. In addition our units are rebuilt very often, this combination made us one of the most outstanding companies in the area.