Top 5 hotels in Cabo San Lucas

The fun in Cabo

Which are your best option in Hotels in Cabo San Lucas, all have the be: five stars, ocean front, with golf course near by, and with spa.

Top 5: Riu Hotels in Cabo San Lucas There are two: Riu Santa Fe and Riu Palace, this hotel has a magnificent view of the Cabo Arch, the best sunrises, large pool, very attractive prices, restaurants within the hotels, a very Good service makes this chain of hotels a very good option on your trip to Cabo. Things against the distance, this is on the outskirts of Cabo, any hike to the center of Cabo would need to pay taxi for any departure.

Top 4: Sandos Finisterra This hotel was renovated and is located on the main avenue of Cabo San Lucas, with a spectacular view of the bay, a fairly wide pool, makes Sandos Finisterra a favorite option for travelers, things against this Hotel some parts of the resort have not yet been remodeled.

Top 3: Grand Solmar This resort honors its slogan, from the place where the land ends, because literally this is the last construction of the man before the emblematic arch of Cabo San Lucas, has excellent service, ample facilities, elegant restaurants, Your counter is your concierge staff, who is very consistent in your invitations to attend a timeshare talk.

Top 2: Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach, there are 4 resorts of the same chain in Cabo San Lucas, but this is by far the most elegant and comfortable, you are away from the hustle and bustle of Cabo, and your rooms are far from each other giving you privacy to avoid that distance is a problem this resort has a shuttle that every two hours takes people from the Hotel to the center of Cabo San Lucas, its Spa is world class.

Top 1: Diamond Cabo San Lucas This resort is amazing in all the expression of the word, it has an artificial lake and a dream golf course, they have a very good attention to customers and their facilities surpass their competitors, luxury overflows in the small details, this jewel in the desert is located less than 15 minutes from the heart of Cabo San Lucas.