Sportfishing in Cabo

The fun in Cabo

Of the most popular activities in Baja California Sur and Cabo San Lucas is fishing. In Los Cabos they offer many service providers related to sport fishing, which specialize in the rental and supply of equipment, including boats themselves. Sport fishermen can enjoy their time in small boats, or fishing in the best style on board a yacht or luxury boat.

Baja California Sur has an extensive coastline with an abundance of marine life. No matter what the time of year, here in the Sea of ​​Cortez as well as in the Pacific Ocean, fishing has become an extraordinary sport due to the diverse, exotic and coveted species that can be caught in Cabo. The fishermen put their efforts and fishing skills to test blue marlin, goldfish, swordfish, tuna, sea bass, mackerel, sawfish, roosterfish, some of the species out of a total of 850 different varieties living here.

There are tournaments held in the region, Cabo San Lucas is held the annual competition of the sport fishing circuit Bisbee's, between the organizers is the secretary of tourism, the Bisbee Group and providers of tourism services. The Tournament attracts fishermen from different countries, mainly from the United States and Canada.

Los Cabos has the title "The World Capital of Marlin". May and October are the best months to find Mahi Mahi, Roosterfish, Needlefish, Swordfish and Sailfish.

Los Cabos located on the Sea of ​​Cortez (Gulf of California) and the Pacific Ocean come together. With its protected natural areas, they have quickly become one of the favorite destinations of the sport of fishing lover.

Los Cabos is the destination visited by national and international tourists in search of beautiful and golden beaches. Los Cabos is a destination for water sports and with a lot of impressive marine species for sport fishermen from all over the world.