All for fishing Dorado with bait

The fun in Cabo

If you are going to fish from Dorados coast from 1 kg to 7 kg, If you are going to fish with depth or float bait I recommend a medium-sized rod to heavy action that resists from 2.40 m to 3.70 m and a lead of 125 gr would be and a front or rotary reel small and medium that if, if you go to fish Dorados with a long rod and want to hit it hard to make a few more meters you have to put a start.

If you are going to fish from boarding, you can fish from 1 kg doradillos to Dorados 30 kg cow. We recommend a well-built 2.10 shipping rod and a rotating reel, loaded with 0.50 nylon or multifilament.

Depth: Depth lines are the most used and common, those of embarkation are usually the ones that are put to the nylon of the reel, a plumb line, then a bucket is put on it, a steel line is put on it and the hook It has to be big, number 7, 8, 9.