Adventure in the Desert

The fun in Cabo

The landscapes that only Baja California Sur and Los Cabos offer. Los Cabos is known for its breathtaking trails that cross through the desert and challenge pilots who explore the beauty of this wonderful environment. Our motorcycle tours are luxury. Our guides will ensure that you have an unforgettable journey taking you along appropriate routes for your driving skills and preferences, always including desert and beach.

Here in Cabo San Lucas. We will begin to enter the heart of Baja California Sur aboard an ATP, which will take you on an exciting and exciting road, because on the right dates, you can have one of the most spectacular sightings that happen in our region, which is the arrival of humpback whales.

Entering the desert, on a walk through its peculiar vegetation, and its own fauna of the region, to arrive at a camel ride that will take us through the desert through wonderful views, accompanied by expert guides of the region that will make us reach a beautiful unspoilt beach.

On board all terrain buggies, we will take you to a world full of adventure. Experience sensations of pure adrenaline and speed as you slip boldly through our zipline, which will make you feel as you fly over the desert of Los Cabos.