About Blue Marlin

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This marlin is probably the most energetic and sounded of all the marlins. Strong, extremely aggressive, fast and difficult to fish in any type of equipment, it becomes a trophy fish in its own category. The Blue Marlin is found in all the tropical and sub tropical oceans of the world, making it perhaps the one with the highest rank and distribution. Males rarely grow more than 300 lbs and almost all that exceed 300 lbs are females. The females grow in excess of 1500 lbs and can measure more than 14 feet in length. Some commercial fishermen report specimens caught on 2000 lbs. A Blue Marlin of any size will usually offer a brutal battle with a show of aggression and fury that will take your breath away.

The Blue Marlin feeds on squid, tuna, bonito, sardines, dorado and sometimes other picudo as marlin striped, spearfish and sailfish. It is usually a fish that swims alone but sometimes teaser, lure or bait in pairs or triplets. It is an excellent marlin to chase the teaser and feed it bait or a fly. The only marlin that may be more persistent in the teaser than the blue marlin is striped marlin.